Musquodoboit Rural High

PEBS Matrix


Mustang Pride is in the A.I.R.
Accountability, Integrity, Respect


“I am responsible for my own behaviours.”

“I am honest”

I consider how my behaviour impacts others.”


·  Arrive for class prepared and on time.

·  Practice active learning.
·  Support a safe and peaceful environment.
·  Follow the directions of the person in charge.
·  Follow all safety and emergency procedures.
·  Abide by the MRHS electronic device use policy.

·  Communicate in a positive manner.
·  Show consideration for the property of others.
·  Engage in responsible citizenship.
·  Share common spaces and resources.
·  Utilize study block in a responsible manner.

·  Speak, act, and dress appropriately.
·  Celebrate diversity - value others' contributions, opinions, ideas, beliefs, and abilities.
·  Be mindful of personal space.
·  Demonstrate appropriate social contact.
·  Promote a clean and green environment.