Musquodoboit Rural High

February 23rd, 2018

JUNIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL-The Junior Girls met Hants North in the semi-finals last night and although they were defeated by 2 points they put up a fierce battle!

JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL-The Junior Boys also ended the season last night with a tough fight against Hants North in their semi-finals.  Congrats to #8 who had 5 3-pointers!

MRHS GSA-The MRHS GSA will meet at lunch on Tuesday, February 27th for next week only! All are welcome.

HRM REC JOB OPPORTUNITIES-The Halifax Regional Municipality Recreation Services and Civic Events are currently recruiting for summer job positions. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please check out the poster located in the hallway just outside of the Guidance Office.

GRADE 9 O2 APPLICATION DEADLINE-A reminder to Grade 9 students that O2 applications are due by Wednesday, February 28th.

PROM COMMITTEE-There will be a Prom Committee meeting Wednesday, February 28th at the start of lunch in Ms. Boutilier's room; 2204.

GRADE 9 BIG COVE TRIP-All Grade 9s who want to go on the Big Cove trip in June - please sign your name on the sheet on Ms. Boutilier's classroom door - 2204.

GRAD FEES-Grad Fees for this year are $50 and should be paid at the Main Office by the end of April!

GIRLS CHAT-There is a Grade 7/8 Girl Chat in the Youth Health Centre every Wednesday at lunch.

MRHS BOOK CLUB-MRHS Book Club takes place in the Library every Wednesday during the lunch break.

BADMINTON-For all interested......badminton will run Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm in the gym.  Equipment is provided.  Cost is $1.00.  Bring your family, bring a friend.  Come enjoy an evening of fun. If you have any questions you can reach Shane Gibson (caretaker MRHS) at 902-384-2320 ext. 6.

TABLE TENNIS-Table Tennis will run Monday evenings from 6:30-9pm.

REPORTING AND EXCUSING STUDENT ABSENCES-If a parent or guardian wishes to report and/or excuse a student absence, please call the attendance line – available 24 hours a day – by dialing the main school telephone number and pressing “1.” Written notes will also be accepted at the main office. In order for an absence to be excused, we must receive notice within three school days of the absence. Emails and calls to the main office line will not be accepted.

HELP KEEP OUR HALLWAYS CLEAN-Students are asked not to leave their book bags and/or knapsacks in the hallways unattended. Food and drinks are permitted in the cafeteria and outside only, please be sure to utilize the recyclable and garbage bins available throughout the building. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

POTENTIAL GRADS-SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES-Potential Grads are reminded to check in the outer guidance office for scholarship/bursary applications on the "Scholarship Table". Please see Ms. MacKenzie Boudreau for more information.

SIGN IN-All students are reminded to sign-in at the main office if you arrive after the 8:50am bell, which marks the beginning of first class. Even for Senior High students, these will only be "excused" if we have a parent's sign-in signature, phone call, or a note.

ELEVATOR USE-Unless a student has permission from the Main Office and a specific need to use the elevator, it is off limits for student use.

LOST & FOUND-Please check the Lost & Found outside the Cafeteria for any missing items. Smaller items such as eyeglasses, jewellery or electronics may be at the Main Office.