Musquodoboit Rural High

Schools Plus

SchoolsPlus staff are here to support Musquodoboit Rural High School families.

We can:

•     Help get answers to your questions.
•     Connect you with services that can make a difference for your family.
•     Help you fill out forms.
•     Help you apply for funding (to help pay for things like recreation programs or eyeglasses).
•     Support you during a stressful time.
•     Help you get ready for a meeting with a school, agency, landlord, etc. We’ll help you feel prepared and have a voice.
•     Work with you and school staff to help your child be successful!


SchoolsPlus services are free and confidential. 

Contact your SchoolsPlus Facilitator Caroline Jeppesen to determine if SchoolsPlus is the right fit for you:  902-476-0324 (phone or text) or (email)