Musquodoboit Rural High

Suggested School Supply List for 2020-21

Here is the updated supply list for 2020/21

Suggested Supply List for JH Students 

Students will require supplies to meet the requirements of all of their courses. The recommended supplies, while not mandatory, have been sufficient for students in the past.

Recommended Items:

  • 10 pocket portfolios (any colour)
  • journal for ELA class - can be a coil-bound scribbler 
  • pencils and pens, one or two highlighters
  • eraser
  • looseleaf paper (100 sheets)
  • Gym clothes (t-shirt, shorts and/or track pants, clean indoor sneakers) For hygienic reasons, students must change for gym class.
  • Non-aerosol deodorant - please - no cologne or heavily-scented products

Additional Suggested Supplies:

The following are items that could be kept in a pencil case and carried from class to class:

  • Markers/colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (30 cm + 12 inch)
  • Protractor
  • Calculator

Supplies to be kept at home:

  • Bristol board supply
  • Fine tipped markers

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there can be no sharing of supplies between students.

*If your son/daughter is currently a Band student and planning to continue in Band in Grade 7, he/she will be automatically registered for the 2020-21 school year.  If you plan to make a program change, please contact Ms. Mackenzie Boudreau or Ms. Clarke at MRHS.