Musquodoboit Rural High

Course Selection for 2020-21

It's time for Students to select courses for next year.

Please read all the details carefully.

Our Guidance Counselor and Registrar, Ms. Mackenzie Boudreau, has created four main sources of information. You're strongly encouraged to review these carefully:

  1. MRHS Course Registration Instructions For PowerSchool - a "how to" for selecting courses once you've done the work to carefully consider courses that interest you and meet graduation requirements
  2. Musquodoboit Rural High School Course and Program Handbook - an overview of the courses and programs offered at MRHS for the 2020-2021 school year.
  3. MRHS Course Options - a visual schedule showing possible courses in each block (from A-D) for both semesters
  4. A Course Registration Sheet - that explains graduation requirements, possible online course options