Musquodoboit Rural High

First Day School - September 5th - What to Expect

Welcome Back to School!

Opening Day for Students - What to Expect

  • Students will be welcomed into the cafeteria to find their name on their homeroom list
  • Students will start their first block in homeroom to complete registration and pay fees.
  • Students are encouraged to bring student fees ($35 for individual, $40 for a family) If you haven’t made it to the bank, don’t panic! Fees can be paid later when it’s more convenient, at the main office during recess or lunch.
  • Grade 7's will remain in cafeteria to spend a few minutes to get their bearings
  • Reminder there is no cafeteria service for Wednesday September 5th (it will begin on Thursday September 6th)
  • Busing. Please visit links above for more information

We are excited to see you!