Musquodoboit Rural High

School Supplies List for 2018-19

Suggested Grade 7 Supply List

We have found that one of the greatest challenges for grade 7 students is mastering combination locks.  Students are required to use MRHS locks which are guaranteed for the time they are enrolled at MRHS.  
On Wednesday May 9th, all grade 6 students from the Dutch Settlement Elementary, Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated School and Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre will attend an orientation session at Musquodoboit Rural High School. At this time all students will be provided with a combination lock (please be aware that no fees are due at this time) on which they can practice over the coming months and bring in to use when they begin school in September 2018.

Students will require supplies to meet the requirements of all of their courses. The recommended supplies, while not mandatory, have been sufficient for students in the past.

Recommended Items:
* Binder that can be left in the classroom (ELA)
*2-3 Other binders with subject dividers
* pencils and pens
* eraser
* loose-leaf
*duo tangs
* Graph paper (0.5cm x 0.5 cm grid)
*Gym clothes (t-shirt, shorts and/or track pants, clean indoor sneakers) For hygienic reasons, students must change for gym class.
*Non-aerosol deodorant
*French/English Dictionary (Larousse or Collins Robert – soft cover) Integrated French Students only

Additional Suggested Supplies:

The following are items that could be kept in a pencil case and carried from class to class:
o Markers/colored pencils
o Scissors
o Ruler (30 cm + 12 inch)
o Corrective tape (NO liquid paper or white-out)
o Glue
o Envelope Folders
o Tape

Supplies to be kept at home:
• Bristol board supply
• Fine tipped markers

If the student is taking Music, the following is needed:
• $100 fee (which covers instrument rental and uniform shirt) (*Please contact Ms. Clarke regarding potential bursaries)
• Black dress pants
• Black shoes and socks
*A binder for Band will be provided

*If your son/daughter is currently a Band student and planning to continue in Band in Grade 7, he/she will be automatically registered for the 2018/2019 school year.  If you plan to make a program change, please contact Ms. Clarke at MRHS in June 2018.