Musquodoboit Rural High

May 24th, 2023

BOTTLE REFILL STATIONS-MRHS is equipped with bottle refill stations. To help reduce our ecological footprint, students are reminded to please bring their own water bottles to school to refill as necessary throughout the day as we are no longer supplying cups. Thank You!

GREEN TEAM-The Green team is going to meet this Thursday at lunch, in the FST room. We are finalizing our plan to do our "Schoolwide Compost Kickoff"..... Keep your ears open for the news, and/or come and join the team for the meeting if you want to get involved! Anyone is welcome. Snacks are also provided!

TRACK & FIELD-A reminder to track and field participants to hand in their track fees if they have not done so already. There will be track and field after school today from 3-4 for those students who have advanced to Regionals.