Musquodoboit Rural High

December 21st, 2018

STUDENT LEADERSHIP-Can all Student Leadership members please see Ms. Probert at recess or before?

CAUTION!!! We have had a call from the Department of Lands and Forests staff next door, letting us know that some of our students are going up behind the elementary school and playing on the ice during lunch hour. This is a concern because the pond is not completely frozen and may still be unsafe in certain areas where the ice is thinner. They are asking that students stay off the ice for their own safety. We would like to remind all Grade 7 & 8 students that you are not permitted to leave school property during the school day unless you are picked up and signed out by a Parent or Guardian.

SENIOR BOYS BASKETBALL There will be Senior Boys Basketball practice today from 5-7pm.

SENIOR GIRLS BASKETBALL VS. MUSTANGS ALUMNI-The Senior Girls Basketball team played against Mustang girls alumni last evening in a very entertaining game. The alumni had a strong first half. Although our Senior Girls came back in the second half, it wasn't enough to gain the lead. In the end, the alumni won by a score of 49 - 34. Better luck in the new year girls!

LIBRARY BOOKS DUE FRIDAY All Library books are due back today. Anyone who hasn't finished their book can have it set aside by Mr. Moore until the New Year.

HRM OPEN GYM-There will be open gym here at MRHS on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7-9pm.

BADMINTON Badminton takes place in the MRHS Gym every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm. The drop in fee is $1 and all are welcome!

REPORTING AND EXCUSING STUDENT ABSENCES-If a parent or guardian wishes to report and/or excuse a student absence, please call the attendance line – available 24 hours a day – by dialing the main school telephone number and pressing “1.” Written notes will also be accepted at the main office. In order for an absence to be excused, we must receive notice within three school days of the absence. Emails and calls to the main office line will not be accepted.

HELP KEEP OUR HALLWAYS CLEAN-Students are asked not to leave their book bags and/or knapsacks in the hallways unattended. Food and drinks are permitted in the cafeteria and outside only, please be sure to utilize the recyclable and garbage bins available throughout the building. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

POTENTIAL GRADS-SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES-Potential Grads are reminded to check in the outer guidance office for scholarship/bursary applications on the "Scholarship Table". Please see Ms. MacKenzie Boudreau for more information.

SIGN IN-All students are reminded to sign-in at the main office if you arrive after the 8:55am bell, which marks the beginning of first class. Even for Senior High students a parent's sign-in signature, phone call, or a note is required when arriving late.

ELEVATOR USE-Unless a student has permission from the Main Office and a specific need to use the elevator, it is off limits for student use.

LOST & FOUND-Please check the Lost & Found outside the Cafeteria for any missing items. Smaller items such as eyeglasses, jewellery or electronics may be at the Main Office.